Choosing The Right Bridal Headpiece

Shop NOW The first thing to consider when choosing your  bridal  headpiece is your personal style and the style of your wedding. Find the perfect headpiece and veil by looking in Here you will see the most elegant unique headpieces  that will make a most lovely accessory for you special day! TIPS FOR CHOOSING […]

Selecting The Perfect Bridal Veil

First of all, congratulations to you on your future wedding! Deciding which veil to wear is an important part in creating your overall wedding day look.  If  you’re asking yourself “where do I start in choosing a veil”, you’ve come to the right place.  Here at we will cover the important steps to selecting […]

Formal Gloves

At cmtjewelry, we LOVE gloves!  Long ones, satin ones, embellished ones and everything in between.  But where does our love actually come from?  HISTORY OF GLOVES Starting as early as the 17th  and 18th century evening gloves have remained an ever evolving symbol of wealth and social status.   In 1690, the reigning Queen Mary […]

Shawls, Wraps, Coverups Oh My!

WHAT IS A SHAWL A shawl is a super versatile garment, commonly worn over the shoulders and draped around the body.  It can be made from a variety of materials, such as wool, silk, cotton and synthetic fibers.   Shawls come in endless forms and designs and are often decorated with embroidery, beadwork or other […]

Elegant, Luxurious, Bridal Shoulder Necklaces

Whether you’re going the vintage route or just looking to make a statement, a shoulder necklace is the perfect way to complete your bridal look. VINTAGE STYLE NECKLACES Planning a vintage inspired wedding?   You will find the perfect way to embrace the beauty of yesteryear  with the  Victorian inspired, classic, glamorous necklaces at CMT […]

Rhinestone Bridal Shoe Clips, Wedding Formal Shoe Accessory

Among the top accessory trends for the Spring of 2023 are bling shoe accessories.  Take any simple pair of plain shoes and make them look like they’re worth hundreds by adding dress shoe clips from CMT Jewelry!   Ideal for adding sophicated bling to any formal outfit.  Perfect for the bride or bridal party. Shoe […]

Kentucky Derby Hat, Wide Brim Hat, Tea Party Hat, Church Hat

Check out CMTJewelry for the perfect wide brim hat!  Here you will find the finest signature hats to be worn for sporting events such as the Kentucky Derby, church events or a fun tea party. If you’re looking for an elegant, upscale accessory-look no further!  The hat-wearing tradition at the Kentucky Derby began  in 1875 […]