Choosing The Right Bridal Headpiece

Shop NOW The first thing to consider when choosing your  bridal  headpiece is your personal style and the style of your wedding. Find the perfect

Selecting The Perfect Bridal Veil

First of all, congratulations to you on your future wedding! Deciding which veil to wear is an important part in creating your overall wedding day

Formal Gloves

At cmtjewelry, we LOVE gloves!  Long ones, satin ones, embellished ones and everything in between.  But where does our love actually come from?  HISTORY OF

Shawls, Wraps, Coverups Oh My!

WHAT IS A SHAWL A shawl is a super versatile garment, commonly worn over the shoulders and draped around the body.  It can be made

Great Gatsby Masks

The Great Gatsby is a classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald that is still widely read and loved today. It tells the story of Jay